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May 18 2014


Are Anti-odor Workout Clothes Safe To Wear? | Fitness Coach | Outsideonline.com

(Bacteria cause the stink .. [read more] in your clothes; antimicrobial agents kill it.) While fixed nanostructured materials, like those found in microchip electronics, are believed to be benign, detachable nanoparticles like those found in some cosmetics and textiles are linked to adverse health effects. Sweat can dislodge nanoparticles in your workout clothes, so they fall into the potentially toxic category, which leads to your question: Can you get a harmful dose of silver nanoparticles from your workout clothes? Unfortunately, its impossible to give you a straightforward answer, as researchers are still figuring out what constitutes a harmful dose. How youre exposed to the nanoparticles also matters, however. In that case, a Swiss study suggests that exposure to silver nanoparticles through workout clothes may warrant source less concern than exposure through other products applied directly to the skin, like hand creams, or products that are taken orally, as oral absorption of silver nanoparticles is believed to be much more efficient than absorption through the skin. Also, the Swiss researchers assumed in their study that all of the silver nanoparticles released into sweat would be deposited on the skin. In real-life conditions, thats probably not true.
More http://www.outsideonline.com/fitness/bodywork/fitness-coach/Are-Anti-Odor-Workout-Clothes-Safe-to-Wear.html

February 19 2014


Wrapping Up Today?s Workout: Ryan Zimmerman Arrives, Matt Williams Gives Signs, Felipe Rivero Throws

But Zimmerman has known since December he would likely receive playing time at first , and he is prepared to make 10 or 15 starts there this year. Here are some other observations from the Nationals second workout of spring: **Williams has made an impression with detail-obsessive style, which surfaced in extreme fashion late Sunday afternoon. On an empty diamond, Williams positioned himself in the first base dugout at Space Coast Stadium and flashed signs to new third base coach Bobby Henley. Thats right: Williams seemed to be practicing how he will deliver signs. **Jerry Blevins, the left-handed reliever the Nationals acquired in a trade from Oakland to fill a hole in their bullpen, threw his first bullpen session of the spring. The lanky southpaw was pitching in front of new coaches with a new team, but he had no extra nerves. Im too old to try to impress people on the first day, Blevins said. I learned through your days of coming to camp, you never make the team on your first day. Its still the same.
More browse http://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/nationals-journal/wp/2014/02/16/wrapping-up-todays-workout-ryan-zimmerman-arrives-matt-williams-gives-signs-felipe-rivero-throws/

February 14 2014


Students, Teachers Adjust To Gym Class Without Athletes

. There are no heroes in P.E. Teacher, Karla Weber's gym class. No ball hogs either. In Weber's Hempstead High School physical education class everyone gets the ball. A giant exercise ball, that fitness is. "We're making it so that everyone is participating.
Source: http://www.kcrg.com/news/local/Students-Teachers-Adjust-to-Gym-Class-Without-Athletes-245440341.html

January 31 2014


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